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A few years after the last adventure Tes '(see Thursday, Cheers mate ), I was transferred to another vessel, that I was now a sergeant. Things have been quiet as sex, and who had settled into a life pretty boring, while I had been on the ground. that had anchored back into the marine life easier, soon began to sail, and after a while the afternoon sessions at night porn, where the whole mess being together ( about 40 kids ) to see videos of German or Swedish. That night, one of gifsy the youth group, said there were some homemade coal, are with the common type of comment has been fulfilled, ' fuck your wife is ugly 'and ' I have something of his lady, if your interest. 'He came back with not only gifsy a video, but the images that he gave the first row are passed around as he started the video. 's on the screen to see with my fellow disaster was Tes begin strips. It was the video of ' Thursday', ' I'm fast on this,' said the boy, who had been in the band, 'I GreaFanny and stupid she did 'finally saw it, was Derek, a few years older, but he. In fact, ten minutes later, there's smiling like the Cheshire cat as he stuffs his greasy fingers on my wife. the completion of their being seen fist made ​​the most of the comments, and then toured the images he had taken a few that is noted in the bulletin board throughout the ship. Thess Although he knew he was a star in terms of ships being conducted was given to his video from chaos to chaos. One night, while the video is displayed once again began a discussion about how much fun it would make a video when Derek was ahead Tes and said contact to see if you can do when we get back (Derek t realize you had not me). Everyone loved the idea, but the question was how to gifsy pay, raised the idea of ​​a raffle in reach the confusion many casinos earnings for the video. the tickets were a fiver each at a priced over a thousand pounds was gifsy raised, Derek said he was sure he would be able to get in touch with friends from tees, and it would be once again made. I was both my arm pain masturbating at the thought of what might happen. gifsy on the way back, my friend Steve went on to say that Derek had turned around to ask if he could reach Tees and explained the procedures. Needless to say, T is the idea of gifsy ​​being purchased to be used in a video inspired, and immediately gifsy offered to do so. The drawing was held on the night of the ships of the dance company, first prize, to be a video recorder, so that women do not suspect anything. Obviously, T was not with me, but she insisted that I called with the result as soon as he was, unfortunately, it was not my mess, but the medical department, which had about fifteen members. I must admit I was worried, but could not wait Tes and insisted that happen soon. return of the filming was very tired, covered in sperm, and sore throat, but very happy with the video to get their hands on copies made by the boys. ' What a group of perverts that were much to see that and see what I mean ' as she handed me the tape. What the fuck did for my wife, went through my head, and as Tes rose to a bathroom, and I hurried to the video. The screen showed gifsy Tes enter a room where he was immediately surrounded by a horde of kids cheering, and stole. That was picked up between them and contributed to an examination table, it was obvious the hospital. My wife stood behind him, keeping her legs open for accessories designed for deliveries, and his head hanging back at the end. It was as if the table was in the shit Tes made ​​to serve approximately. With the legs in a position to open their waist, your ass looks very inviting, and with the head in this position, which was perfect for deep throat. gifsy , but the moment they were like a bunch of animals who had not seen a naked woman. They are grouped around tor throw abuse her, calling her a bitch and a bag of sperm. He reached around her breasts and pinched her nipples, how many fingers were involved in the pussy and ass, which is passed around and sniffed it. Then he shouted : 'Bring the oiler bitch,' Derek smiled again, he appeared in the default department received a medical discharge. He talked to Tes, as she bent to stroke fanny 'I 'm going to enjoy this,' ' I am,' she said with a smile. My wife was confident, as if they like, was when he worked for three, four greasy fingers into her pussy, TES grunted when he finally got his whole hand in the crowd of onlookers stood in silence as he slowly fist started working inside and outside, with a shuddering orgasm Thess. He took the hand that was open, the camera panned as her ass began to give the same treatment. I was shocked when my wife was screaming in ecstasy and pain, when he repeated the trick in the ass, finally, with orne hand gifsy in her pussy and saw the children assembled rampant and said : '. I think he's ready, ' The rest of the men formed a circle and took turns fucking my wife in the mouth, or the arc ring his ass. After a while some of them, his mouth full of cum, again approached the camera to see how they swallow whole, the next spit in his face and his juice on her breasts, but the rest of them had topped with a straw in a glass. I suspected that was going gifsy to drink at night. Those who in their mouth now alternated between fucking ass and pussy came, there was often suppressed groan of Tes mouth full, 'as she came again. This time, the first group arrived in the cup, and when ten of they had caught, the rest were allowed to enter inside, filling the hole picture sperm twisted or pussy licking the screen. My wife was released from gifsy the table and pushed his hands and knees to fry for a few energetic as she once againthe rest watched. Derek finally reappeared masturbates into his open mouth as she licked clean, he told him to stay put. Derek said it was now going to show everyone the Creampie more time, took the glass half full of courage and called two of the ' boys in his opening 'with the selected one of the two fingers in my wife 's ass and gently Rosa opened, Derek with semen from a cup filled with plaster. the financial statements have been shot, and to let go and sperm flowed back into her pussy swollen. Tes snuggled next to me, and announced the end of his short adult carriers.
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